Historical crises where Turkey has been seen as NATO’s black sheep

Turkey joined NATO in 1952 and has the second largest army in the Defense . Over the years, there have been several occasions where Turkey has ended up on a collision course with other in the alliance. When Turkey invaded in 1974, it triggered one of the worst crises in NATO history and left the alliance for a period. Several times later, NATO members Turkey and Greece have been close to open conflict.

Turkey’s invasion of

In 2019, Turkish troops entered the Kurdish-dominated parts of Syria, which led to new tensions within the alliance. The fact that Turkey also bought Russian air defense systems led NATO member USA to impose sanctions on Turkey in 2020. Now Turkish President is threatening to block ’s and Finland’s NATO applications because he claims that Sweden in particular supports terrorist groups.

Hear how the historic crises can explain Turkey’s role in NATO today and why the country is sometimes described as the defense alliance’s “black sheep” or “problem children”.

Participants: Johan Mathias SommarströmTurkey correspondent, Michael Sahlinformer Turkey Ambassador and Victor Nummelin correspondent at the news agency TT

Host: Olle Wiberg

Introduction: Johar Bendjelloul

Producer: Katja Magnusson



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