The world does not share the West’s negative view of the Russia survey

The world does not share the West's negative view of the Russia survey

Western are more likely to have a bad attitude towards , according to a global survey

Negative views about Russia are mainly limited to US-allied Western states, a new global survey conducted by a NATO-linked lobby group has shown. At the same time, the so-called Alliance of Democracies Foundation discovered that Asian countries maintain strong support for Russia, while Latin American nations seem to be divided on the issue.

The pressure group is funded by the US government, the EU and other sources, such as the Ukrainian oligarch Viktor Pinchuk. It is in line with NATO’s Atlantic Council and is run by the military bloc’s former secretary magazine, .

Published by the -based analysis firm Latana, on Monday, the Democracy Perception Index surveyed 53 densely populated countries in Asia, Latin America, the United States and Europe, and asked respondents a number of questions, ranging from their perceptions of their own country’s democracy to their own country’s democracy. opinions of other nations.

The report found that there was a sharp polarization between Western countries and the rest of the world in their attitude towards Russia. In Europe, 55% of countries were in favor of cutting off economic ties with Russia in light of its military offensive against Ukraine, while the majority of Asian countries were opposed to such measures. In Latin America, public opinion was evenly divided.

A majority of the 31 countries included in the sample were to break ties with Moscow, but 20 of these were in Europe. Among those who had the most negative attitude towards Russia were Poland (87%), Portugal (79%), (77%), Italy (65%), Great Britain (65%), the United States (62%) and Germany (62 %).

However, a total of 20 countries opposed breaking ties with Russia, including Greece, , Turkey, China, Israel, Egypt, Nigeria, Indonesia, , Vietnam, Algeria, the Philippines, , Mexico, Thailand, , Malaysia, Peru, Pakistan. and Saudi Arabia. Opinions in Colombia were equally divided on the issue.

The survey also noted the countries that had the most positive attitude towards Russia, including India, Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Algeria and Egypt.

The survey showed that although there were mixed opinions about Russia, the world had strong sympathy for Ukraine. Almost half of those surveyed worldwide (46%) stated that the EU, the US and NATO gave too little help to , while only 11% thought they were doing “too much”.



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