Vanhanen: Finland is ready to continue the debate on its way to NATO

“The decision was based on a thorough analysis of the security environment and the democratic process. Applying for membership has received widespread public support. “

Vanhanen hoped that membership would be ratified without undue delay, and decided not to mention Turkey. has accused Finland and of securing terrorists and has repeatedly stated that it cannot accept the countries’ applications for membership.

“We will join the with the firm belief that everyone will stick to their commitments,” he said. “It’s understandable that different things come up during the process. We will do our best to engage in a constructive dialogue with the Member States and we are ready to continue the discussion on outstanding issues.

Erdoğan Media and Communications Manager, told me on Monday that Finland must choose between membership and its current line.

“The Finnish government will ultimately have to decide which is more important: joining or protecting such organizations,” he wrote in an email, referring to organizations such as the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK).

According to him, Turkey’s demands are fully justified and understandable.

“The problem is not that Finland does not understand Turkey. Finland refuses to take Turkey’s security concerns seriously, he said. “We want to see [the country take] concrete and permanent measures to prevent the activities of these terrorist organizations. President Erdoğan has openly and clearly expressed our concrete expectations to the .

Aleksi Teivainen – HT

Source: The Nordic Page

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