NCC is the first construction machine in the world to be made of fossil-free steel

The president of Volvo CE handed over the construction machine, the articulated Melker JernbergTo the President of the Tomas Carlsson at a ceremony in the context of the UN Environment Conference in Stockholm +50. Other participants were the Swedish Minister for Climate and Environment Strandhäll and the U.S. Climate Ambassador John Kerrywhose task was to expose the machine.

“NCC is firmly committed to promoting . We work resolutely and systematically to achieve this , which includes choosing machines that meet our high standards. As this great example shows, enabling sustainable change requires strong and proactive partnerships between multiple players, ”says Tomas Carlsson, CEO of NCC.

NCC and Volvo CE have been working together for several years to work together to find innovative solutions and new technologies that can drive development forward and are in line with NCC’s goal of becoming climate-neutral by 2045. For example, the parties are working on efficient loading methods. reduce the number of transport journeys in the Centralen phase of the West Link project.

“We are confident that in order to succeed in reducing CO2 emissions in the construction industry, the players in the value chain need to work together and take action. Thanks to our strong partnership with other bold and forward-looking , we are now able to steer the towards fossil-free construction and be among the first to deliver a machine built with fossil-free steel to the customer. Translating commitments into action is key to building the we want to live in, ”says Melker Jernberg, CEO of Volvo CE.

The machine, the A30G, is manufactured at Volvo CE’s Braås plant in with fossil-free steel from the steel company SSAB, which has a much smaller than the machine made from conventional steel. The machine is fuel efficient and runs on HVO, ie biodiesel.

“We strive to minimize the climate impact of more than just our own operations; we look at the entire value chain. Transportation is one of our priorities, and here we look at reducing engine emissions as well as the overall footprint of the machine. As a major buyer of machines, we can make a difference by making sustainable choices, says Tomas Carlsson.

The articulated conveyor operates at NCC’s quarry in Södra Sandby, near Lund, where it helps produce stone materials for new roads, infrastructure and construction projects.

Source: NCC

Source: The Nordic Page

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