Sweaty worse!

– I always tried to back off and say that I do not like to be hugged. And many people believe that I do not like closeness. So I had to drive on it, says Metha who suffers from excessive sweating, so-called hyperhidrosis.

She is chairman of the patient association for hyperhidrosis and likes to talk about the shame many feel for their own sweat.

– You should not be ashamed. I have understood that the psychic moon is a disaster for many people because they sweat so much. Also heard stories that people do not want to go out in the summer, they find the heat at all terrible. It will be like a handicap, she says.

Guests in the program: Alexander Shayesteh, chief physician and assistant professor of dermatology at University, Niklas Dahl, chief physician and professor of clinical genetics at and Johan Lundström, odor researcher.

The host is Ulrika Hjalmarson Neideman.

Producer is Alice Lööf & Chamoun.





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