The Danes warned about complacency in today’s EU reservation vote

The polling stations opened all over at 08:00 this morning for the EU reservation vote.

A crucial question will welcome voters: Do you vote ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to Denmark participating in European cooperation on and defense by abolishing the EU’s defense reservations?

The polling stations close at 20:00.

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The Unity List is still hoping for an uprising
With just under 12 hours to cast their vote, some politicians are still hoping they can change the minds of many .

Among those who took to the streets for some last-minute rallies this morning was , for the Unity List, of just three elected parties that support the maintenance of the opt-out that Denmark has had since 1993.

“If you believe the polls, then something close to a miracle is needed, but the polls have been wrong before, so I still have hope,” she told .

“We have seen before that many doubters in these referendums ended up ‘ no ’because they were worried about what they were getting into. Of course, I hope that will happen today. “

The other two major parties that are in favor of retaining the electorate are the Danish People’s Party and Nye Borgelige, and it is generally believed that blue bloc voters support their cause more than red bloc voters.

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Many people may not vote because of ‘security’
While the latest opinion polls and bookmakers strongly agree that the reservation will be comfortably abolished today, Roger Buch, election researcher at the Danish School of Media and Journalism, is not so sure.

He warns that a large number of voters can become complacent when a vote resembles a single- race.

“If it appears to be a clear ‘yes’, it could mean that people who want to vote ‘yes’ think they have already won and therefore do not have to vote,” he said. DR.

“On the contrary, it can also have a mobilizing effect when people who want to vote no see that it is leaning in that direction.”

The defense reservation is one of four EU reservations in Denmark at the moment. The vote is only open to the citizens of the country, so the absolute majority of foreigners can not vote.

Source: The Nordic Page

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