The work of foreign workers turned into gig work without their knowledge

Recent inspections by the Agency found that there were problems with the salaries of foreigners in less than half of the jobs it inspected.

matters were audited in almost 600 audits and deficiencies were found in almost half of the sites audited. In most cases, the basic salary or bonuses were insufficient or not paid at all.

Extensive shortcomings were also found in the documentation of working hours. According to the authorities, in many cases the correctness of the payments was difficult to assess because the actual working hours could not be determined.

In addition, inspections increasingly revealed situations in which the employment relationship was disguised as entrepreneurship or the so-called "light entrepreneurship."

Sometimes the employment relationship had been converted into an assignment agreement on terms similar to the employment contract. This operation was often performed without the employee realizing the difference. It was particularly evident in the construction industry, but also in car repair shops and car washes.

Gig employees are not entitled to any contract employee benefits.

In total, the Finnish Occupational and Administration inspected the working conditions of more than 1,500 foreign employees in last year.

Communication against exploitation

In its communication services, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is increasingly targeting foreign workers and those who help them.

Last year, the organization updated its guide in 14 languages ​​as a foreign worker in Finland and organized an English-language webinar on workers’ rights.

"In order to prevent exploitation, it is important that foreign workers know their rights and know how to seek official assistance," explain Riku RajamäkiSenior Inspector of the Occupational Safety Division of the Regional State Administrative Agency of Southern Finland in a press release on Wednesday.

Source: The Nordic Page

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