Police are preparing minors to drink on graduation weekend

Most school graduation and graduation is on Saturday, so say they are closely monitoring the use of by young people across the country.

enforcement agencies are urging parents to keep an eye on where their children are – and in what condition.

Since 2010, police have seized an average of 2,000 to 2,500 gallons of alcohol on graduation weekends and made 700 to 1,200 child protection reports. The figures have fallen slightly over the years.

"The number of alcohol possession offenses and child protection reports has been declining in recent years, and we hope, of course, that the same trend will continue." Supreme commander Ari A spokesman for the police board said.

According to police, the focus of supervision is on popular gathering places for young people, such as playgrounds and schoolyards.

Monitoring is carried out in many places in co-operation with youth and social workers and alcohol inspectors from regional agencies.

€ 40 fines and child protection notices

Police point out that it always notifies parents and child welfare authorities of alcohol use by those under 18 years of age. There is usually also a fine of € 40.

The authorities intend to step up prior controls to prevent the transfer of alcoholic beverages to minors and the possession and use of alcohol by minors. Police stress that giving alcohol to a minor is a .

Police say they intervene in a familiar way with regard to other common disorders as well as drunkenness.

Over the school year weekend, many children and young people try alcohol for the first in their lives. Inexperienced users are unable to assess the amount of alcohol they consume and its effects, which can lead to alcohol intoxication.

"An intoxicated child or young person is also at increased risk of becoming a victim of crime and injury," Järvenpää said.

Parents or guardians are responsible for minor children and their behavior, he said and urged them to do so. "agree on clear rules of the game with the children and keep in touch with them during the evening".

Source: The Nordic Page




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