Russia is blocking access to Yle’s website

Russia’s Federal Communications Regulatory Authority Roskomnadzor has blocked most of ’s services in Russia. The website appeared in Roskomnadzor’s register of banned sites on Thursday. The decision to close the domain was made by the Russian Public Prosecutor’s on 27 May.

Screenshot of Roskomnadzor’s websiteYle

Yle’s -language online services, and Yle Novosti are currently not available in Russia. Yle’s website also offers services in the and Ukrainian languages. However, the site can be accessed through a VPN connection.

Svenska Yle’s Swedish-language website is still available in Russia without restriction.

The list of websites banned by Roskomnadzor includes the Finnish and Ilta-Sanomat and the Danish . The bans have been imposed because of Russian-language articles about the Russian war in Ukraine.

Russian authorities have blocked access to dozens of Russian and foreign media outlets. These include the British broadcaster , the Estonian newspaper Postimees, the German broadcaster Deutsche Welle, the Russian TV channel Dozhd and the station Ekho Moskvy ( Echo).

Source: The Nordic Page

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