Speculation that Putin is seriously ill

’s Sergei Lavrov recently went out and said that there were no signs of illness in President . It is unusual for the to comment on such a thing at all. Since the invasion of , rumors that Putin may be ill have intensified, and the Kremlin has repeatedly been asked about the president’s condition.

Rumors that Putin has or Parkinson’s

Sources claim that the president is in pain, there is speculation about cancer, Parkinson’s disease or paranoia. Russian digging journalists have written that Putin’s personal staff of doctors has increased dramatically in recent years and that the president is undergoing medical treatment. But there are also claims that the discussion about Putin’s would be a conspiracy planted by the power itself. The information about Putin’s faltering health is very difficult to prove and has always been rejected by Putin’s staff.

The plan for Putin’s successor

It is said that Russia will hold presidential elections in 2024. But it is very unclear what the plan is if will ever be able to rule the country. Hear about the discussions about who could succeed Russia’s president and how speculation about Putin’s health affects the view of the president.

Participants: Johanna MelénRussia , Gudrun research leader at the Swedish Defense Research Agency FOI, Per Enerudsenior analyst at the Swedish Agency for Psychological Defense

Host: Fredrik Wadström

Producer: Katja Magnusson

Technician: Maria Stillberg


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