THL: There are too many coronavirus-related deaths

There have been significantly more -related deaths this year than in previous years. The Department of and Welfare has so far registered 2,800 since the beginning of 2022.

According to THL, 1,163 people died of the coronavirus in 2021. According to Statistics ’s cause-of-death statistics, 558 people died of coronavirus infection in 2020.

104 people died of the virus in the last week of April. During the previous week, 123 such deaths were recorded. The exact number of deaths in May is not yet known, but preliminary data from THL suggest that it has fallen.

"We have just surpassed the death toll and the number of both deaths and infections seems to be falling," says Sirkka GoebelerExpert in THL’s forensic unit.

Fewer Covid deaths than reported

Goebeler says it is now estimated that about -fifth of the registered coronavirus-related deaths were due to another cause.

"It is now known that about 20 percent of the coronavirus deaths recorded were such that the actual cause of death was determined by the attending physicians to be something other than the coronavirus." says Sirkka Goebeler.

The over-recording is due to the fact that infection rates are combined with death reports every 30 days.

Data collection on the actual cause of death is slow in Finland, and official statistics are usually only available after one year.

In an international comparison, the death toll from coronavirus in Finland, 81 people per 100,000 inhabitants, has been relatively low. In , the figure has been 183 per 100,000 deaths, and in the , for example, 263 per 100,000.

"At European level, for example, only has had lower figures." Goebeler points out.

Preliminary statistics are now showing a declining trend in Finland.

The elderly are still at risk

In , the risk of death decreases as infections decrease, but the risk of serious illness and death remains high in those over 80 years of age.

It is also known that 85% of Covid deaths are related to serious long-term illnesses.

As Sirkka Goebeler points out, coronavirus infections are rarely fatal in adolescents, the elderly, or those with severe long-term illnesses, but infections do not have to be very severe to lead to death.

Although mortality in the general population has not increased due to the coronavirus, mortality in older age groups clearly increased in 2021 compared to 2019.

Source: The Nordic Page

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