Espoo Master Plan 2060 aims for sustainable growth

The of the metropolitan area is growing. The Master Plan 2060 is a city-wide master plan that agrees on the direction of the city’s growth and key land use issues.

The master plan guides , mobility, and the location of housing, services, jobs, and recreational areas.

– With the plan, we can ensure that all Districts of the city develop in a balanced way and that the city remains functional as a whole. Olli IsotaloDeputy Mayor for the Urban Environment.

According to the , the municipality is obliged to manage land use and keep its plan up to date. Currently, Espoo has several general formulas that form an inconsistent whole. Most of the Espoo area has been covered by recent sub-plans, such as the sub-corridors of the metro corridors and the general plan for the northern and central parts of Espoo, which is still in progress.

The partial master plans are now being compiled into a coherent and up-to-date overall plan. The master plan itself does not directly affect the construction of the city; instead, it controls detailed design.

The master plan is being prepared in extensive co-operation

The preparation of the Espoo master plan will begin when the zoning is published on 15 June 2022. The preparation process is expected to last until 2027. The city will set targets for the master plan at the turn of 2022 and 2023. The town planning agency is responsible for preparing the master plan.

General design requires diverse skills and views. Designers gather information from experts in various fields, residents, and other stakeholders. The designers also try to reconcile the different views as much as possible and make a proposal to the decision makers.

Dialogue on the future of Espoo

Residents, NGOs, businesses and other Espoo residents will be given the opportunity to participate in the preparation of the master plan. In the spring of 2022, the future of the city was discussed Our Espoo 20X0 events held across the city. These discussions were documented and are used by general designers as background information in preparing master plan objectives for decision makers. The targets will also be discussed publicly during the autumn of 2022 before decisions are made.

If the city government decides on to initiate the master plan, zoning will begin on 15 June 2022.

Source: City of Espoo

Source: The Nordic Page

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