Statement of no confidence again and the boy duo in the government

Historically, we have had 12 no-confidence motions in Sweden, two of which have concerned Minister of Justice . Prime Minister Anderson has said that if he is overthrown, the entire S will resign, including her. It is a crisis, 100 days before the election. Everything can be decided by the political savage .

We are talking about a phenomenon that we have embraced from the US with celebrities but in Sweden applied it to , that they get to read nasty tweets about themselves on TV and react to them.

Opinion polls come close, but the absolute heaviest is the from Statistics Sweden that has just arrived. We will hear how it goes with the moderates, among others, when it is released.

Moa has checked how things are with the friendships in the government, and found not only who is Magda’s best friend, also a couple of boy duos among the ministers who really found each other.

The listener question comes from Sofia who wonders what a party secretary’s duties really are? has a lot to tell about it. Among other things, that it is the person within the party who has the task of taking care of all internal quarrels, scandals and sourdoughs within the party, so that the party leader does not have to take such fuss.

David and Katherine in political talk show.

In the new podcast you meet David Druid and Katherine Zimmerman who were previously colleagues in Morgonpasset in P3. The talk show is their reunion. In the podcast, we also hear Ekot’s political reporter Lova Olsson and the satirist Moa Wallin from Tankesmedjan in P3.

Producer: Sukran

Digital editor: Petrina Hinas


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