Robert Weil – the shadow billionaire

In Swedish ’s Sunday interview, you meet the person behind the of the public in journalism’s most basic form – the interview.

The host is Martin Wicklin.

Producer: Ulrika .

Contact: [email protected]

About Robert Weil

He was born in 1948 and the children of parents who fled to during War II. Inspired by his grandfather, who was once head of Deutsche Bank in Munich, he began analyzing Swedish on the stock exchange already in his teens and in 1969 started the investment company Weil Invest, later Proventus. It was listed on the stock exchange in 1982-95 before Robert Weil bought out the company.

Proventus’ current , which among other things works actively with donations and cultural support, has, for example, invested in Magazine 3, the Jewish Theater, the without borders foundation, the Storytelling Ministry’s writing workshops and Accelerator – where art, science and social issues meet – at .


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