Ruben Östlund – the king of bad mood

Ruben Östlund – the king of bad mood

Ruben Östlund grows up with his mother and cat Bilbo on Styrsö. His love of skiing and the camera eventually takes him all the way to film directing training in Gothenburg. Together with his newfound friend and co-worker Erik Hemmendorff, Ruben decides that they will make a film entirely according to their own motto. They are determined to show how people are in reality, and to revolt against the (hate phenomena) cozy cinema atmosphere and great emotions. The audience and the critics at first turn out to be difficult to charm, but soon Erik and Ruben are on their way to Cannes.

In the years that follow, their films are at the center of debates about, among other things, racism, class, the modern male role, people in groups – and painfully rigid mood.

In May 2022, Ruben Östlund will be one of only nine directors in the world who can call themselves a two-time Palme d’Or winner. At the same time, he struggles with the image of the male creative genius.

This is a documentary about the director who wants to make sixty retakes before he is satisfied. It was produced in the spring of 2022.

The section features:

Ruben Östlund
Erik Hemmendorff, screenwriter and producer
Andreas Franck, sound engineer
Fanni Metelius, actor, screenwriter and director
Emma Engström, producer and reporter at Sveriges Radio’s cultural editorial office
Julian Hase, creator of the Youtube series Ruby

The episode was made by Studio Olga in the spring of 2022.
Host: Vendela Lundberg
Episode maker and reporter: Alice Dadgostar
Sound mix: Fredrik Nilsson

The clips are taken from Film Stockholm, Swedish Radio, Ruben Östlund’s films (Platform production), Debate and the Golden Bug Gala on SVT, Los Angeles Times, Youtube accounts Screenslam and Ruby





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