80 percent have positive experiences of working with a person with a foreign background: STTK study

These are surprising results, as multicultural working life is often only talked about in public and conflicts are highlighted, ”says Taina VallanderDirector of STTK.

On the other hand, people are more reserved and intimidated in strengthening multiculturalism in their workplace and in Finland in . Vallander says that negative attitudes towards increasing the multiculturalism of communities are often explained by a lack of a common language, as it is seen as having a direct impact on work.

under the age of 35 have the most experience of working with colleagues with a foreign background (89%). They were also more willing than other respondents to increase multiculturalism in their work communities (56%). The most positive experiences with colleagues with a foreign background were in the provinces of Northern Ostrobothnia, Central Ostrobothnia and Northern .

Based on the results of the study, people with a foreign background – those born outside Finland who do not speak or Swedish as their mother tongue – mostly work in industry, , the sector, social and .

Half of the respondents were ready to increase migration

STTK also inquired about the respondents’ attitudes towards labor migration. The Finnish has set a goal to increase it by 50,000 by 2030. STTK supports this goal. “Half of the respondents thought that labor migration should be increased. People under the age of 35 have more positive attitudes than other age groups.

Eighty-five percent of all respondents consider access to employment to be the best way to integrate immigrants.

Source: STTK

Source: The Nordic Page

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