APN Podcast: Is Summer the Most Stressful Season?

The Finnish summer contains a lot of expectations for just a few weeks after a long and dark winter. But parents often say that summer is the most stressful season, as many juggle between and childcare when Finnish schools are on a ten-week break.

According to surveys, Finnish parents are the seventh most respondent in 42 countries.

In light of the summer stress levels, the Family urges parents to exercise self-compassion, but also to stop comparing social media.

"I would like to see more in Finnish culture that people reach out, help and encourage each other," Heidi Schrooten He told about the family union to the News All Points North podcast.

"Finland has some kind of ideal to do it yourself. We are a very individualistic culture, and doing it for its own sake is considered … so people feel lonely in this role. They may not easily ask for help, even if they need it," he explained.

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An unprecedented scandal

The program also examines how Finland came to the center of a multi-million economic scandal in the UN branch.

The project operated outside an in central with the aim of investing millions in the flagship program for sustainable housing. No home has been completed yet.

APN discussed with Yle’s reporter Johanna Mattinen understands how Finland was initially involved in the project.

"It could be seen clearly [the Finnish ] did not really see any risks in hosting this program, even though the office’s plans were rather vague, in fact really vague," he said.

In addition to the top news of the week, the podcast is looking for answers to burning questions about this summer’s weather.

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Source: The Nordic Page

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