Increased competition in the bus and train sector saved consumers millions

According to the Competition and Authority (KKV), the legal reforms reduced the prices of long-distance bus tickets by about 25 percent in 2014-2019.

At the same , the state-owned railway company reduced long-distance train tickets by about 20 percent, KKV says in its report.

The combined effect of the fall in ticket prices saved consumers more than EUR 80 million.

The low-cost bus company Onnibus rolled on Finnish roads for the first time in 2012, which caused significant disruption to the long-distance travel industry and caused at least one bus company to withdraw from the market in 2018.

File image of Onnibus bus driving on in ’s

According to KKV, the side effects of the competition reforms were also seen at the Helsinki Public Agency (HSL).

Due to the threat of increased competition, fewer bidders were entered into HSL’s project bids, but lower-priced contracts resulted in a 40% reduction in costs for the authority.

According to KKV, this means savings of around EUR 25-30 million in taxpayers’ each year.

The consumer authority also pointed out that VR’s result had not been affected by reduced ticket prices, as the company had responded to increased competition by streamlining operations and cutting costs.

Source: The Nordic Page




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