Finland will send more defense aid to Ukraine

Finland will send more defense equipment to , the Ministry of Defense announced on Friday.

The ministry said in a statement that at the request of the President Niinistö decided that Finland should send more aid to Ukraine, which has been under attack from since the end of February.

As Finland has done in previous releases on defense deliveries to Ukraine, the Ministry does not provide information on the content of the shipment, the method of delivery or the time of sending the aid to ensure its safe arrival.

Following the Russian invasion, Ukraine has requested military material assistance from the EU and members.

FDF acquires new heavy

The Department of Defense announced Thursday that it has authorized the Defense Forces to purchase heavy equipment and related equipment.

The order to be purchased from Veho and Suomi in 2022-2025 includes 155 Mercedes-Benz heavy trucks and cannon wagons manufactured by Siimet. The acquisition also includes an option for a total of 151 vehicles.

The ministry said the acquisition will secure the transportation needs of various military projects and troops.

The total value of the acquisition, excluding VAT, is approximately EUR 67.5 million, the ministry informs.

Source: The Nordic Page

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