Friday’s newspapers: Political fires, empty homes and US Senate committee support Finland’s NATO application

Helsingin sanomat newspaper wrote The Center, the (NCP) and the Left Alliance will meet for their annual meetings this weekend.

The members of the Center Party will meet in Lappeenranta, the NCP will head to Kalajoki and will host the Left Alliance.

All three chairs, (Center), (NCP) and Li Andersson (left) set new conditions. Both Andersson and Orpo will irresistibly take the lead in their party, but Saarikko will face a veteran politician. Paavo Väyrynen In the number one race of the Center Party.

NCP has high support than HS said may become Orpo’s prime minister after next spring’s election. According to the newspaper, much of the NCP’s popularity is due to its long-standing support for NATO membership.

HS too reported The competition in the archipelago is no surprise, as recent opinion polls have shown the center’s descent to the lowest level of support. If this trend follows the party in next spring’s election, it would be a historically poor performance.

The Left Alliance is formally discussing its position on NATO membership. The party has historically been the most opposed to NATO membership. Six of the party’s 16 MPs voted against joining NATO – the largest share of all parties. HS wrote that the vote is likely to be tough among members of the Left Alliance, but it is unlikely to tear the party apart.

The number of open dwellings is growing

-based Aamulehti wrote that almost 11 per cent of Finnish dwellings are empty. The number of vacant dwellings has increased significantly during the 2010s, from 250,000 in 2010 to 365,000 in 2021.

AL wrote that this phenomenon is global and particularly common in cities. In , 30 per cent of apartment buildings in the countryside are vacant, while in the largest cities of the country the vacancy rate is about 10 per cent.

Of the large cities – with the exception of Espoo – Tampere had the lowest number of empty dwellings, only 8.3 per cent. At the same time, Turku gained 9.0 percent and 9.2 percent.

Juho KeskinenThe economist of the mortgage association Hypon told AL that the number of vacant homes has also increased the number of investment homes. He said this is explained by recent low interest rates and savings during Covid, which has encouraged people to invest in housing.

In general, according to Keskinen, the number of empty dwellings is explained by demographic trends.

"There are many types of open flats. There may be urban areas, and larger cities may have investment housing, secondary housing and Airbnb housing," Central explained.

The U.S. Senate is taking the first step in NATO

Swedish-language daily Hufvudstadsbladet reported that the US Senate took the first step in approving Finland’s NATO application.

While the NATO application process has stalled from Turkey’s demands, other national legislators are preparing paperwork to facilitate Finland’s and Sweden’s accession to the alliance. The bids of all 30 NATO countries must be approved by the national bidders in order for applications to be taken forward.

The Senate Foreign Affairs Committee unanimously decided to approve the accession of Finland and Sweden to the military alliance. HBL wrote according to it Politicothe resolution called on the President of the United States speed up the paperwork of both Nordic countries joining NATO.

Both Senate Majority Leaders Chuck ShumerDemocrat and leader of the Senate minority Republican, both signed a resolution – a rare two-party moment in Washington that is mostly shared by the parties.

Although the vote was unanimous, the Kentucky senator was significantly absent Rand Paul. For weeks, the Republican senator has refused to say whether he supports Finland and Sweden joining the alliance. However, according to , neither of his decisions will have an effect, as the US Senate overwhelmingly supports the accession of Finland and Sweden to NATO.

Source: The Nordic Page

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