Ulf Kristersson (M): I do not care how the government handles the NATO negotiations

So what chances does have? Will he become the who finally gets to open the door to Swedish membership – and how far should be prepared to go to Turkey to meet?

But at the moment, the Moderate leader does not want to get involved in how the handles the negotiations on a Swedish NATO membership.

“I do not intend to go into the talks at all that I know the government is now having.”

He also does not want to say what he thinks about the Moderates’ previous demands for a ban on arms sales to Turkey.

About Ulf Kristersson:

Name: Ulf Kristersson, party leader Moderaterna
Age: 58 years
Background: Born in Lund in 1963 and raised in Torshälla outside Eskilstuna. Chairman of the Moderate Youth Association 1988–1992. Financial municipal councilor in Strängnäs and later social citizen councilor in . Minister of Social Insurance in the years 2010–2014 in the Reinfeldt Government. Became party leader for the Moderates 2017.

Guest: Ulf Kristerssonparty leader Moderates
Comment: Tommy Möllerpolitical scientist
Host: Pontus Mattsson
Producer: Hansjörg Kissel
Technician: Christer Tjernell


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