Monday Magazines: Bridges, Congestion, and Budgets

The construction of ’s crown bridges between Laajasalo and Hakaniemi is attracting attention Helsingin sanomat newspaper readers on .

HS has pictures of the first stages of a 1.2-kilometer-long bridge rising from the between and Laajasalo.

’s longest bridge costs the city about 326 million euros. The project was initially controversial, as the bridge will have tram tracks and space for cyclists, but no road for cars.

The bridge is scheduled for completion in 2027.

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Hufvudstadsbladet visits the metropolitan area at the station, where it finds people waiting outside for hours to enter.

Over the past few months, police departments around the country have reported a significant increase in the number of people applying for the renewal of their passports.

HBL caught one mother and daughter who had been waiting in line for 2.5 hours. They had not been able to set aside time for the coming month.

Police opposed criticism that they were not doing enough to shorten the queues after Covid.

"For the past nine months, we have been open on weekends to unload," Chief of Helsinki Police Pekka Kallio told HBL.

Ten euro menu

Food costs are rising, so how can you save at the checkout?

Evening paper picks up a shopping list published by a social worker Reddit.

In the shopping list and menu proposal compiled by the deacon of , a basket with rice, chicken, minced meat, potatoes and frozen vegetables costs less than ten euros Tiina Heiskanen.

He said he drew up lists to show how to make multiple meals for less than ten euros.

"The parish food are small. This list allows people to get as much as possible at the lowest possible cost," Heiskanen told IL.

Source: The Nordic Page

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