NATO Chief: "I am sure that Finland will become a member"

said that would become a member of the Western Defense League, although opposed the offers of Finland and .

He commented on the timeline for Finland’s accession to NATO at Kultaranta Talks, hosted by the President on Sunday.

The Alliance’s summit in Madrid at the end of June has been seen as a milestone on Finland’s path to NATO.

However, the NATO chief said "The Madrid Summit has never been a deadline" offers from the two countries.

Finland’s NATO plan, which has now stalled Turkish demands, has dominated the president’s annual series of summer retreats.

NATO is working with Turkey

has opposed Finland’s and Sweden’s NATO membership applications and accused the countries of supporting Kurdish militants.

Stoltenberg said NATO is working hard with Turkey to find a solution.

"We on this issue every day to find a solution as soon as possible," he explained.

The NATO chief also stressed that Turkey, which borders both Syria and Iraq, is strategically important to the Defense Alliance and has a key role to play in the fight against terrorism.

Stoltenberg also noted that Turkey had suffered more from the terrorist attacks than any other NATO member.

However, he said that NATO’s doors would remain open and stated that Turkey would not prevent Finland from joining the alliance.

"Turkey is not blocking membership. Turkey raises concerns so that we can move forward in the accession process," he explained and added that "I am sure that Finland will become a member of NATO."

Kultaranta Talks started on Sunday in , Southwest Finland.

About 100 people from various walks of life have been invited to the annual discussion series at the President’s summer residence.

Source: The Nordic Page

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