When Glenn Strömberg would save Sweden in the World Cup

After a successful qualifier and a dream draw in the group stage, is seen as an outsider before the 1990 World Cup. But after two initial losses, the team must now win to go to the playoffs. With midfield star Glenn Strömberg back in the starting eleven for the final match against , the Swedish people are convinced that there will be advancement to the playoffs.

Host, producer: .
Producer, mixing: Martin Marhlo.
Final mix: Patrik Falck.
Executive producer: Ulla Svensson.

Speakers: Lasse Kinch and Ralf Edström, Radiosporten.
Archive sound: Swedish .

This is the pod that tells about everything from the feeling in the player tunnel the seconds before the match starts, to the players’ various rituals to get the luck on their side. A new episode is released every other Monday.





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