The slowdown in freight traffic will cause Customs to suspend recruitment at Russian border crossings

has suspended the hiring of new workers at Russian border crossings, the agency said Tuesday.

Due to the effects of the coronary virus pandemic and the Russian invasion of , border traffic between and its eastern neighbor is currently limited, which reduces the need for and customs personnel.

There were open apprenticeship places at , but according to the Customs Service Maritta Haapasalmithis recruitment attempt has been suspended.

Otherwise, the number of workers at the eastern border has not changed. According to Haapasalmi, the agency has avoided redundancies or layoffs at intersections.

"We have tried to relocate to the eastern border jobs that do not require workers to be present on the ground, which can be done at the workplace or, for example, as teleworking." he said.

Customs has also shortened cargo opening hours at several border crossing points, including in , and Vainikkala.

The slowdown began during the Covid , but sanctions against following its deadly attack on Ukraine have prevented Russian and Belarusian trucks from operating in Finland, which has had a significant impact on border traffic.

According to Haapasalmi, the situation at the eastern border is monitored weekly. If the border restrictions related to the are lifted in July, Customs expects that passenger traffic and the Agency’s workload will increase.

Source: The Nordic Page

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