Copenhagen rises to the top of the world’s most sustainable cities

Mayor wants more
The Danish capital also scored well on emissions, as it has one of the lowest emissions per capita with 0.9 percent and one of the most efficient road networks in . Prices for public were also very high for , as 67 percent of all trips have been made by and public transport, compared with ’s 53 percent.

However, this is not all reason to celebrate, as even the greenest cities have a hidden greenhouse gas problem, as imported goods such as food and electricity are not included in the index and make up up to 80 percent of the CO2 footprint.

Copenhagen could also improve its policies by placing a C-class compared to the A-grade received for resilience to .

Corporate Knights hope the index will help cities improve their , and research analyst Nadia Morson stresses that there is still a long way to go in the fight against climate change: “Clearly, changing our climate path is not a small feat. Cities must continue to develop by planning, designing and investing innovatively ”.

Copenhagen’s Mayor aims to make the city even more sustainable during her tenure, so perhaps in 2023, Copenhagen will be able to claim first place.

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Source: The Nordic Page

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