Denmark tops the global competitiveness index for the first time

Strong during pandemic
has flirted with first place in the last five years, where they became number three in 2021, number two in 2020, eighth in 2019 and sixth in 2018.

According to WCC, Denmark’s rise to the top of the rankings is due to a sharp rise in the country’s economic results during the pandemic.

“This is driven by increases in investment flows in the country, a limited price increase compared to other developed economies and by the strengthening of public finances with a reduction in government debt and government deficits.” said Marco Pistis, a research specialist at WCC.

Last year’s top priests, Switzerland, finished second ahead of Singapore, and Hong Kong, while the Netherlands, Taiwan, Finland, Norway and the United States finished in the top 10.

Other notables included Ireland (11th), (14), (15), China (17), (19), (23), South Korea (27), (34), (37), Indonesia (44), Mexico (55) and Brazil (59).

Venezuela was last on the list, ahead of , Mongolia and South Africa.

See the full ranking here.

Source: The Nordic Page

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