Finland and Sweden to attend Madrid summit “invitations”: US ambassador

“Many of us hoped to see these two countries join us in Madrid when invited to the table with other leaders. We don’t know if that will happen.”

The United States is working behind closed doors to address ’s concerns about the possible accession of and Sweden to the alliance, Smith said.

The Madrid Summit is scheduled for 28-30 June. It includes discussions on the status of forces and support for , Smith added.

June 12 NATO Secretary General said that the decisions of Finland and Sweden to apply for NATO membership are historic.

“You have long been our closest partners. You have strong democracies with capable armies. And your membership in NATO will increase our common ,” said under joint pressure with the President of the Republic. Niinistö.

“Finland’s and Sweden’s membership in NATO would further strengthen the Nordic region of our alliance. And now the allies are considering the next steps on their way to NATO,” he added.

NATO defense ministers are scheduled to meet in on 15-16 June. June. The EU, Georgia, Finland, Sweden and Ukraine have been invited to the event.


Source: The Nordic Page

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