Halla-aho: Finland cannot do much to resolve the stalled NATO talks

Marin (SDP) warned on Tuesday that the accession processes of Finland and Sweden could come to a halt if their membership applications do not progress before the NATO summit in , on 29-30 March. June.

Finland and Sweden submitted their applications to join the Defense League almost a month ago, but they have not yet been considered by the union’s main decision-making body due to Turkish opposition. has repeatedly accused two aspiring Member States of protecting terrorists from supporting Kurdish organizations.

According to him, not much can be done to resolve the situation Jussi Halla-aho (PS), Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs. As Finland laid a solid foundation for its membership application in discussions with existing member states and received preliminary approval from everyone, should not be too self-critical about their sensitivity or broad-mindedness.

“Turkey has not been worthy of our trust as a negotiating partner in this matter,” he told .

on Tuesday wrote that Turkey has threatened to extend the process by up to a year because it still requires concessions and guarantees.

“I think Turkey will empty the of everything that has disrupted it, and hopes that progress will be made on at least some things. These are related to Western views on Kurdish organizations and the arms trade,” Halla-aho said.

He added that Turkey also wants the global community to better recognize its status as a regional power and grant immunity to its operations in .

“Turkey has complained about the fact that it has not been sold F-35 jets and other weapons technology, unlike many other NATO countries. Turkey is also looking for more room for maneuver in the security sector in its immediate vicinity.

Many experts have estimated that the requirements appear to be more on Sweden than on Finland. Halla-aho said that Finland must make its membership decision strictly on the basis of its own security needs.

“I do not think that Finland should stick to Sweden, because our situations are different in terms of security policy,” he explained. “This is often forgotten whenever someone emphasizes that there is some kind of fatal connection between us. In my opinion, Finland should not nominate its own solution for Sweden, even though everyone wants the countries to move in the same direction and at the same pace.

Aleksi Teivainen – HT

Source: The Nordic Page

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