Questionnaire: Students need more support for mental health and other problems

Solving the problems of pupils and students during the past academic year more often required extensive multi-professional cooperation in student care services. This is according to a survey published by the National Institute for and Welfare () and the National Board of on Wednesday.

More than 1,300 nurses, curators, psychologists and doctors working in student care services responded to the survey. Most agreed or partially agreed that the support needs of pupils and students have increased over the past school year.

More child and adolescent is needed

More than half of the student care professionals who responded to the survey said there has been an increase in students ’ problems, absenteeism, loneliness and everyday problems.

As the need for support increased, two out of three nurses and one in ten doctors had moved to other positions due to the for at least a week.

There were also significant gaps in the availability of partner services, such as child and adolescent psychiatry. In student care, on the other hand, most respondents said that interdisciplinary collaboration generally went well.

"The main message of the results is that the welfare problems of pupils and students continue, even though we have been able to remove restrictions in schools and colleges," says THL’s chief physician Marke Hietanen-Peltolawhich is responsible for the nationwide development of student care services.

Source: The Nordic Page




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