Wednesday’s newspapers: Angry Ankara, the museum money pit and the lines behind

Swedish daily Hufvudsbladet covers the article on Caretaker threatened to postpone Finland’s NATO membership for more than a year.

Concerns are growing that Turkey could continue to postpone Finland’s and Sweden’s applications to NATO until the Madrid summit in late June.

Turkey has stated that its biggest drawback towards Finland and Sweden is that they include alleged members of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) — which most countries consider a terrorist organization. In addition, The Guardian wrote that both , which suspended arms exports to Turkey in 2019 due to Syrian hostilities, have hampered relations between them and Ankara.

The of Finland Sanna Marin (SDP) in a joint press conference with the commented on the schedule of countries’ NATO membership on the roadblocks in Turkey on Tuesday.

"If we do not solve these problems before [the] Madrid [summit], there is a risk that the situation will freeze. We don’t know how long, but it might freeze for a while." Marin told the press.

For its part, Sweden has sought to protect its relations with Turkey by introducing a stricter anti-terrorism law and publishing a foreign policy that highlights how Sweden can respond to NATO’s and Turkey’s defense problems and restore arms exports from Stockholm to Ankara.

This has done little to reassure Turkey, as the varying demands of its officials include the extradition or deportation of Kurdish activists to Turkey and the Swedish Minister of Defense. Peter Hultqvist he will be removed from his post with the PKK in 2011.

Most of Turkey’s complaints concern Sweden, the President of Finland said that Finland would not join NATO without its Nordic neighbor, he wrote Helsingin sanomat newspaper. Former chairman of Basic took a different position than the president and said that Finland should not tie its future to Sweden.

Renovation of Kiasma continues

Business newspaper Kauppalehti discussed in detail the expensive renovation of the art museum Kiasma.

The Museum of Contemporary Art was scheduled to open in March 2022. Although the interior was opened on schedule, the exterior renovation has been delayed for another month and a half.

Senate Properties, which is in charge of the renovation, recently raised the museum’s renovation costs to € 28.4 million. On Tuesday, the company’s construction manager Selja Flink said the price tag would exceed € 30 million.

Renovation has been underway since 2013 and more than EUR 10 million was spent on previous refurbishment work.

Throughout Kiasma’s 24-year history, the building has been plagued by leaks and renovations. This is due in part to the fact that its curved shape made construction difficult and led to many technical problems. According to Flink, the original quality of the structure left much to be desired.

"We involved in the project now interpret that Kiasma was partly poorly built. It could have been built better, as the plans were good in themselves, but they were not fully followed on the site at the time," Flink said.

An airport employee says it all

-Vantaa Airport experienced the longest delays in its history on Friday and Sunday.

Tabloid Evening News talked to the airport security officer about the huge traffic jam.

The official said that while not all passengers were in a sour mood, a few selected made life more difficult at the airport’s security this weekend.

"Some people were immediately rude and started screaming. Many tourists think we only serve them. Sure, it’s a big part of customer service, but many forget that we’re an important part between the passenger and the plane that makes the trip safe." an unnamed security guard told IS.

The security inspector recalled her experience of a rather angry mother traveling with her family. Due to repairs, tickets had to be checked manually. The mother could not find the tickets and asked the security authorities to search her phone for her flight details. The security inspector was unable to comply with this request and received negative feedback from the mother. Despite this, the inspector told IS that everyone should always leave feedback despite the recent rush hour.

Long queues and people stressed out, an airport official told IS that they hope passengers will book more than two hours upon arrival at the airport. According to the inspector, there have been quite a number of cases where a passenger was denied boarding due to congestion.

Source: The Nordic Page

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