5 important soft skills that employers are looking for today

Many employers in and abroad are placing increasing emphasis on soft skills as a way for jobseekers to differentiate themselves from other applicants. As such, it is crucial to list your most coveted soft skills on yours CV to increase your chances of being hired.

Soft skills are typically intangible and are difficult to define, teach and assess. They are sometimes also referred to as qualities, attributes or traits.

This article will cover five of the most in-demand soft skills that employers are currently looking for.

1. Communication

Communication skills (including written, verbal and non-verbal communication) are integrated into many different aspects of the professional , including interaction with colleagues, reporting to superiors, team and contact with clients.

Of course, ‘communication skills’ are a broad category, which can be divided into many more specific skills. Examples of strong specific communication skills to include on your resume include public speaking, presentation skills, active listening, giving and receiving constructive feedback, storytelling, empathy and kindness.

2. Problem solving

With strong problem-solving skills, you will be able to take on the challenges that arise during your employment and deal with problems self-sufficiently – something most employers love to see. Many employers will even ask in an interview about a time when you have had to solve a problem to learn more about your ability to handle problems, the way you tackle challenges, and whether you can stay calm in adversity. .

Your attitude to dealing with problems can also be an indicator for employers as to whether you want to keep up with difficult problems or whether you want to save at the first sign of a challenge. Employers often invest significant time, and in hiring and training new employees, and they want to be sure that their investment in hiring you will pay off.

Specific examples of problem-solving skills include reasoning, logic, lateral thinking, analysis, observation, brainstorming, perseverance, troubleshooting, and .


With constantly evolving technology and the high pace of modern business, employers want to hire people who can adapt quickly, easily learn new things and generally roll with the punches. To show that you are adaptable, consider mentioning some of these skills on your resume: self-management, calm, openness, organization, optimism, strong decision making, the ability to turn, quick thinking, versatility and the ability to learn quickly.

4. Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is an important skill category that basically tells employers how comfortable it will be to with you on a daily basis. These skills are sometimes also referred to as social skills or interpersonal skills. Emotional intelligence skills include things like empathy, motivation, dedication, self-awareness, patience, tolerance, diplomacy, mediation, and relationship building.

5. Teamwork

Finally, the ability to work as part of a team is often crucial to a harmonious workplace where business is handled efficiently and effectively. Teamwork skills can include things like collaboration, collaboration, , delegation, conflict management, rapport building, and respect.

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