Voice of Ukraine in Denmark: Nightmare or Reality?

War crimes have no statute of limitations. This – and any disaster that has endured in its 3 decades of independence – is the indisputable truth. While the country’s attempts to end the war and join the EU are on the rise, the people who have suffered before are still suffering.

The support of the international community has strengthened the people’s motivation to save their homeland. But as Interior Minister Denys Monastrysky says, “All scenarios are possible tomorrow.” The estimated 20,000 Russian soldiers killed in action are of little consolation to the estimated 7.4 million refugees scattered around the , forever separated from their lives.

It has been more than 100 days since the invasion began and the end is nowhere to be seen.

Ukraine graduation class
As fellow students in class 2022, the festivities for high school students all over will begin, but festivities such as the infamous ‘Truck Ride’ can not be shared with graduates from Ukrainian schools this year.

The end of a school year is a happy occasion, but for graduates of School 134 in , they are once again choosing to remind the world of their threatened future. In the midst of the broken glass in the dining rooms and classrooms they had spent their lives getting used to, there are no festivities. There is no relief.

Ruins like a home
Assault operations in Severodonetsk have left many victims, which has left those still alive questioning the turning point. A paramedic in the Ekaterina Perdenko region described her home as “nothing to return to.”

With millions of seeking refuge and throughout , many have to adapt to a new and endless cycle of displacement. Many have fled their homes for the second time.

Serhii Korovayny was first forced to leave his home in Donetsk during ’s 2014 invasion of neighboring regions. This year he was forced to leave his new home in Kiev. Despite the obvious heartache, his words strike a gloomy tone, but also a hopeful tone. “Life does not end there,” he said.

War crimes as a basic protocol
As of June 7, when an exploding mine killed a young boy on a beach, 730 children have fallen victim to war.

The mere breadth of the war crimes committed by the Russian army has destabilized the playing field of this war. According to Pramila Patten, the UN Special Representative for Sexual Violence in Conflict, a humanitarian has arisen due to the exploitation of Ukrainian women and children.

Russian soldiers have committed sexual acts of violence as a “weapon of war,” Patten said, leaving women and girls scattered on the streets.

A grotesque war
Regardless of Ukraine’s territorial reality, one thing is for sure, compromise is not an option. With about 20 percent of the country’s land seized by the Russian army, the first 100 days have shown us what the future of this war may look like – and revealed its impact on the lives of Ukrainians.

109 days and count continues the war.

Source: The Nordic Page

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