A Russian helicopter violates Finnish airspace "not serious," says the Border Guard

The Russian Mi-17 helicopter arrived in Finnish airspace twice on the same day at the beginning of May, according to the results of a preliminary investigation announced by the Finnish Border Guard on Friday. However, it said the cases are not considered a serious violation.

The investigation found that the helicopter momentarily went into Finnish airspace twice from a few hundred meters on both occasions on the morning of May 4, when it was conducting a routine patrol near the border.

The first airspace violation occurred near the town of in North and the second near Lake in ​​, less than 100 kilometers away.

The helicopter flew about 700 meters across the Finnish border near Kitee and about 500 meters near Lake Rautjärvi.

"The deviations were short-lived and the helicopter returned to Russian airspace on its own initiative." The Border Guard said in a statement.

The case is being discussed between the Finnish-Russian Border Commission in accordance with the countries’ border agreement.

The Ministry of Defense had originally stated that the aircraft violated Finnish airspace up to a distance of four kilometers, but the Border Guard investigation has found the case to be less severe than previously thought.

Source: The Nordic Page




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