Friday leaves: Mandatory Swedish, border fences and safe swimming

does not make Swedish high school examinations compulsory, the newspaper said News Finn reports Friday morning.

Minister of (left) said such changes to high school degree requirements would not make sense and would only make graduation more demanding for students.

The story is also mentioned in Swedish Hufvudstadtsbladet (HBL). The HBL writes that the would like a second national language compulsory in the end, but Andersson is concerned that recent years have already had an impact on student well-being.

"We are very concerned about the well-being of high school students and the pressures they face; the change would clearly have a negative effect in this respect," Andersson said.

Fencing of the eastern border

Finland is currently preparing to strengthen its border with Russia, the afternoon newspaper said Evening paper (IL) writes. According to the magazine, preparations could include the construction of a border up to four meters high.

For this to happen, however, Finland would have to make changes to the . Anne Ihanus, A senior legal adviser to the Border Guard, told IL. The government submitted a proposal to Parliament to amend the Border Guard Act on 9 June.

"The current fences on the eastern border essentially prevent domestic animals from entering the border. Stronger fences at the border and construction in areas other than the edge of the border opening would require changes in regulations," Lovely said.

was told that the planned fence could extend about 120 kilometers across the border and cost up to two million euros per kilometer. Iltalehti was unable to confirm the above-mentioned cost estimates from the Finnish Border Guard.

Head of the Border Guard and Preparedness Unit of the Border Guard Jussi Napola confirmed, however, that the fence will only be built in areas where it would most strengthen border , as the entire eastern border will be fenced off; "not cost effective."

New methods for beach

Drowning cases are on the rise in Finland, but lifeguards on the shores of Pikkukoski have come up with a simple solution to the problem, Helsingin sanomat newspaper write.

Finland had the highest drowning rate for more than ten years in the summer of 2021, while in 2020 about 113 drowning deaths were registered, one of which was a six-year-old child on the shores of Pikkukoski.

So beach rescuers have taken the initiative to visit every family with children visiting the beach and tell them how and where it is safest to swim.

"We mostly tell families with children about the sudden depths of the water. The right side is safer than the left," The lifeguard of Pikkukoski Touko Pylkkänen told HS, adding that 95 percent of a lifeguard’s job is contraception on the beach.

The proactive approach has received a lot of positive feedback and there have been no cases since its introduction, Jarmo ValtonenThe team leader of the City of told the newspaper.

Source: The Nordic Page

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