Prime Minister Marin demands that the privacy of his child be respected

prime minister Marin (SDP) on Thursday publicly appealed for respect for the privacy of his four-year-old child.

Inside something TweetMarin wrote that she and her husband do not give permission to take pictures of her daughter or publish pictures of the child.

"We hope this is respected. The child has the right to privacy even if the parents are in public office." Marin wrote.

Marini’s request comes after the pictures of the Sauli his wife and their sons Aaro Watching the Athletics Event, he performed at several outlets. No pictures of the president’s son have been published since 2018.

Päivi KorpisaariA professor of communications law at the University of told Yle that he considered Marin’s appeal reasonable.

"The prime minister is in a public position, but the child’s actions and affairs do not, in principle, have an impact on judging his or her success in the task. Instead of social significance, the child’s images are mainly of entertainment value," Korpisaari said.

The boundary of privacy is more difficult at public events

Korpisaari further stated that although children enjoy the same legal protection of privacy as adults, children are in practice unable to control and enforce their own privacy in the same way.

The situation is more difficult to assess if the child is taken to a public event where the family in public could be considered in the public interest. Photography in public is in principle permitted.

"Personally, I would see that it would be good if the parents’ wish not to photograph a child is respected in such a situation. It also does not make much sense that if the parents do not want the child to be photographed in public, the family with the child should not be allowed to attend any public event." Korpisaari said.

In addition to legislation, the media is also guided by the industry’s own internal guidelines.

Korpisaari said he hoped that the media would take into account the Finnish Media Council (Council of Public Speech or JSN) guidelines for photographing children and appearing in the Finnish media, which stipulates that children have a special right to privacy.

Niinistö: No permit would have been granted

In an to interview President Niinistö told Iltalehti on Thursday that he would have refused to take a picture of his son if asked.

He added that the pictures were taken without his or her wife’s knowledge and have not been asked for permission.

The picture of the presidential couple and their child was taken by a photographer with , and the pictures have since been published by , , Iltalehti, commercial , among others.

Editor-in-Chief of BTI Minna Holopainen said that the taking of the pictures was justified by the fact that Niinistö ‘s son was photographed in a public place.

"The audience saw the family on the spot and could have posted pictures of them on social media if they wished. They had nothing unfortunate, sensitive, or particularly private. It was a time together for the president’s family at a public event where they would have been photographed even if Aaro had not been present." Holopainen said.

Source: The Nordic Page

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