VKK to hold the first party meeting, the Russian Embassy will send a representative

Power belongs to the people (VKK or Power belongs to the People in Finnish) will be held on Saturday in the city of in Eastern .

VKK was founded by a last year after he was separated from the Basic in February 2021.

VKK’s press release stated that the party meeting is coming "honor" Political agreement signed between Finland and in January 1992 after the break-up of the .

The agreement replaced the Friendship, Cooperation and Mutual Assistance Agreement signed in 1948 as Finland sought to withdraw from the terms of the agreement.

A representative of the Russian Embassy in has been invited to the meeting. The VKK is the only parliamentary party that has completely opposed Finland’s application to .

Turtiainen is the only member of parliament. The VKK won 10 seats in the January provincial election, but two of those elected have since resigned from the party.

Source: The Nordic Page

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