A long mosquito season in Finland

There are signs of a longer-than-usual mosquito season in this summer due to the relatively cool summer weather.

The mosquito season ends later than usual this year, he said Marko Mutaneninsect expert from the .

"The weather has been varying all over Finland this summer, so the mosquito season is getting longer than usual," he explained.

In contrast, warm weather triggers a more intense but shorter mosquito season.

Cold winter = mosquitoes

The previous winter in Finland was colder than average, so the spring puddles formed ideal habitats for mosquitoes.

The peak season of pests continues in the southern and central regions from mid-June to midsummer. In the north, blood suckers are most active between midsummer and mid-July.

Mosquitoes usually strike on warm summer evenings, according to Mutanten, cool, rainy weather slows them down.

It takes about two weeks for a freshly hatched mosquito to take off.

Last summer, social media spread allegations about the potential environmental danger of a mosquito repellent manufactured by Thermacell. However, the Agency for and Chemicals (Tukes) has approved the use of vaporized insecticides outdoors, such as in backyards. The evaluation of the EU product is still ongoing.

"Sometimes I think there are situations where it is ok to use such products. I’ve used them myself," Mutanen said.

Last summer, most of Finland’s mosquitoes were gone by July. This was due to a sudden , which resulted in them hatching at the same time and the puddles drying out.

More than 40 different species of mosquitoes live in Finland.

Source: The Nordic Page




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