Ekot’s Saturday interview

On Wednesday, the demanded the rejection of its own budget proposal because the compromise proposal on increased pensions had been stopped by the opposition. Two days later, the government submitted a new budget proposal which included the pension proposal.

For the government to get its budget through the next week, they need support from the political savage Amineh Kakabaveh. She has come up with new demands for her to vote yes next week, that promises not to export weapons to and more money for the against oppression of honor. How confident is Mikael Damberg that he will get his budget through?

in Sweden rose to 7.2 per cent in May. This is the highest level since 1991. The government has been criticized for putting in many extra change budgets and pursuing a very expansive fiscal policy even after the pandemic crisis ended and the economy gained momentum. In Ekot’s Saturday interview, the Minister of Finance in turn criticizes other parties for making promises to voters without talking about how they will be financed.

It will be a rather brutal and cold awakening after the election, we are moving towards tough times, then we in politics must prioritize between different expenses and the citizens are increasingly painfully aware that they will also have a tougher economy in the future.

To finance increased defense investments, he wants to see a contingency tax. Mikael Damberg is now calling for a discussion with other parties on how the investment in the defense should be financed, he himself has proposed a contingency tax.

About Mikael Damberg

Name: Mikael Damberg, Minister of Finance
Age: 50 years
Background: Growing up in Solna, studied the administrative line at . At the age of 28, he became chairman of SSU. Elected to the Riksdag in 2002. Ten years later, he became group leader for the Social Democrats’ parliamentary group. In 2014, he was appointed Minister of Trade and Innovation, in 2019 Minister of the Interior and when became in 2021, he was allowed to succeed her as Minister of Finance.

Guest: Mikael DambergMinister of Finance
Comment: Jonas Hinnforspolitical scientist University of
Host: Erika Mårtensson
Producer: Maja Lagercrantz
Technician: Jesper Timan


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