Russia’s Lavrov discusses Finland’s NATO search in a BBC interview

In an interview BBCLavrov denied that the offers from and were the result of Russia’s actions in Ukraine.

"Finland and Sweden have been under Anglo-Saxon command for a long time as the and NATO converge." he told the .

When asked if the Finnish and Swedish efforts at NATO failed in terms of Russian diplomacy, he replied. "Sweden and Finland are exercising their sovereign rights as they see fit."

However, Lavrov argued that there was no widespread support among the two Nordic neighbors for joining the defense alliance.

"They really do not take into account the opinion of their people in the same way that NATO ignores the opinions of many people in different countries in the performance of their tasks." he said.

Prior to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, support for joining the union had long been lukewarm among the Finnish public and almost all political parties. During the past spring, public support in ’s polls rose from less than half to more than three quarters.

Last month, the President of Finland Sauli said Russia should look in the mirror if it wants to blame Finland ‘s enthusiasm for joining NATO.

Lavrov also speculates that NATO will establish bases in Finland and Sweden.

"We have said many times that when – and if – Sweden and Finland join NATO, we want to see what actually happens on the ground." Russia’s FM told the BBC.

Sanna (SDP) has said that in addition to joining the alliance, it is not currently on the agenda.

"I assure you that no one is listening to Finland or Sweden," he said, hinting that the United States has announced plans to increase its military presence in Europe.

Source: The Nordic Page

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