At the house: holiday home rental in Copenhagen is a good deal

may be one of the best cities in Europe to host an , according to an analysis by , a price comparison service based in the UK.

Copenhagen came in sixth place in terms of total earnings, which gave the city’s Airbnb hosts an average monthly turnover of 6,351 euros – about 47,000 kroner. London, Paris, Munich, and made up the top five. , Manchester, and finished in the top ten.

Higher mortgages, lower profits
However, when calculating the cost of home ownership, Copenhagen is much lower. By booking cities according to the number of nights with Airbnb hosting required to cover the mortgage, the Danish capital barely made it into the top 20.

Dublin took the top spot – the average Airbnb host in the city can cover their monthly mortgage by hosting guests five nights a month. Copenhagen, as number 19, requires Airbnb hosts to have guests at least 15 nights a month to pay the bills.

Overall, an Airbnb host in Dublin could conceivably repay his entire mortgage in under five years. A host in Copenhagen could expect to do so in 15.

Source: The Nordic Page




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