Flatlining to fabulous: how Eriksen’s Denmark is now among the ten most likely teams to win the World Cup 2022

On 12 June, it was a whole year ago that Christian Eriksen collapsed with a at Parken Stadion during his country’s opening match at the European Championships 2020.

In the following hour his life was in balance; a nation’s collective thoughts made him pull through and live.

continued to lose the match 0-1 to Finland, but it was really a day of victory: Eriksen regained consciousness in his hospital bed, and he could hardly believe how a healthy professional football player could get out of such an accident.

Brutal truths
But the business world continues regardless of death, war, famine, disease and natural disasters. Had Eriksen been a stock price, his stock would have crashed that day.

The same went for Denmark’s odds of winning the European Championship 2020 and the World Cup in 2022, which it was already so well placed to qualify for.

Eriksen was their playmaker: the genius of the attacking midfield that made the red and whites tick. Without him, their hopes… yes… seemed hopeless.

Lazarus would be proud
The following 12 months have been good for the Danish national team. Not only has Eriksen made an astonishing comeback, but in his absence, new match winners have emerged, bringing the national team to heights not seen since the 1980s and 90s.

They destroyed Wales and saw the off to reach the last four of the 2020 European Championships, they comfortably qualified for the World Cup with maximum points and no conceded goals in their first eight matches, and they are currently leading their UEFA Nations League group after three victories from four matches.

Only the most pessimistic of Danish fans will not jump on one bet365 bonus code to back that their national team became the smallest nation since in 1950 to lift world football’s biggest prize.

Europe’s response to Uruguay
The bookmakers have certainly changed their tune since extending their odds a year ago. As of today, they rate Denmark as the tenth most likely team to win the World Cup 2022, with odds generally from 25/1 to 33/1.

It is not so far from the number of World Cups that a person can expect to see in an average life, and as Uruguay has proven twice, along with Denmark and in the European Championships, smaller nations can dare to dream.

Especially when you have playmakers like Eriksen and people like Mikkel Damsgaard, who are in line as a substitute with one of the best goalkeepers, , and attacking left back, Joakim Mæhle, in the football world.

Lighter group lures
The early hours on Tuesday morning last week brought the news that Denmark will once again face in the group stage – a team they have nothing to fear from. On the other hand, , who lost to Socceroos on penalties, could have asked more serious questions.

With also in the group, Denmark should comfortably make it to the knockout phase together with France.

Denmark, meanwhile, beat 2-0 last Monday night, and continued a series of five victories against the Central European country since 2018, where the goal difference now stands at 11-1.

The victory takes them within centimeters after being seeded first for the European Championship 2024 draw: which, like the bookmaker odds, once again confirms that little Denmark, despite its modest population, is among the heavyweights in world football.

Source: The Nordic Page

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