For every 50 cents, Tivoli now sees a dollar

It seems that may have underestimated the Danish people’s overwhelming desire to go out again, now that the is in the rearview mirror.

First of all, it went wrong over Friday Rock. Far more showed up than expected, causing disruption at the amusement park perimeter. There was even to some of the fences.

And now it has had to change its revenue estimate for 2022. Previously, it expected a loss, projecting a small profit thanks to a brilliant opening to its most important ‘Summer Season’.

The fine margin of a loss turns into a profit
Since the gates opened on April 8, more guests have visited Tivoli than previously expected.

In its last annual accounts, the amusement park had anticipated a turnover in 2022 of around DKK 800-900 million, which would have resulted in a deficit.

However, it has now been raised to DKK 850-950 million: a result that would give Tivoli a profit before of DKK 25-50 million.

Still a little bit of caution
According to Susanne Mørch Koch, Tivoli’s managing director, there is optimism that the crowds will continue over the summer.

Example: a concert with the American rapper this coming Friday is already sold out.

Nevertheless, it is cautious. The number of tourists remains low and the has risen, and this can still dampen expectations, Tivoli admits.

Source: The Nordic Page




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