Hugh Hefner – Playboy who became his own brand

The first issue of Playboy was released in 1953 in the post-war and quickly became a great success – despite the in many ways puritanical social that prevailed then.

Hugh Hefner is the founder and the strong, constantly radiant, outward face that breaks the code for the ultimate ’s magazine. Playboy will then come to inspire other magazines for decades to come.

Hefner also lives a Playboy life to the fullest at his mansion in , where celebrities make pilgrimages to parties and movie nights and to hang out with the beautiful models.

Many people dream of a life like Hefs, but several years after his death, dark accusations will be leveled against and other people around Playboy mansion.

Listen to the violinist Linda Lampenius who was photographed for the magazine, became a close friend of Hefner and for several years lived at Playboy mansion, the former photographer and Moore founder Bingo Rimèr who marketed himself as ’s Hugh Hefner and media researcher Anja Hirdman.

The sound clips are taken from Secrets of Playboy, Hugh Hefner: Playboy, activist and rebel, Los Angeles Times, New York Times and Swedish .

The episode was made by Studio Olga in the spring of 2022.
Host: Vendela Lundberg
Episode maker and reporter: Sally
Sound mix: Fredrik Nilsson





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