Monday papers: NATO discusses Turkey, #MeToo, Midsummer weather

Negotiations between , Sweden and on the Nordic membership applications will resume on Monday, Ilta-Sanomat says.

The President’s Office tweeted on Sunday about the resumption of talks hosted by the NATO Secretary General. Jen Stoltenberg In Brussels.

Turkey has repeatedly expressed its opposition to Finland’s and Sweden’s membership of NATO, as it is concerned about Kurdish-related terrorist activity in the two countries. More specifically, the Erdogan government has accused both states of hiding and protecting suspected members of the PKK, a Kurdish independence group – which the EU has classified as a terrorist organization.

The president has made several demands According to the IS, to accept applications for membership and threatens to postpone its decision for one year if a common tone is not reached in the negotiations.

Marin (SDP) told reporters on Sunday that Turkey had previously expressed support for Finland’s membership, but has since changed its position since the application was submitted.

"It would be really important for us to find a solution so that we can move forward in the whole process. This whole situation is very unfortunate, because before Finland expressed its willingness to join NATO, Turkey had stated that it would not cause any problems in this process." the prime minister said.

NCP’s # MeToo scandal

Member of the Coalition Party (NCP) Wille Rydman has been involved in a harassment scandal following a publication published by Helsingin Sanomat (HS) on Sunday, which reported several inappropriate behaviors.

A few women told HS that Rydman used his position to reach young women and girls and behaved threateningly and suggestively, sometimes offering alcohol to underage girls.

Rydman denies all allegations, according to Ilta-Sanomat, among others.

Some newspapers, including HS and Hufvudstadsbladet, have since reported that the director of NCP, Petteri OrpoRydman has expressed his shock at the situation and has since said that Rydman ‘s position in the party would be reassessed in the light of the allegations.

Chairman of the Coalition Parliamentary Group also expressed its full agreement with the party leader on Twitter on Sunday, HBL reported.

After the rain comes the sun

Midsummer week starts to be sunny after a rainy weekend, says the afternoon newspaper (IL). The temperature is around 20 degrees in the south and 15 degrees in the north.

According to the magazine, it is worth packing both sunglasses and partners for the summer cottage this year on the Midsummer weekend. It will be raining all over the country on Friday morning, but the sky should clear into the evening and the rest of the week.

"In the latitudes of , the temperature is 18–20 degrees. The south sees the warmest weather," Forecan meteorologist Juha Föhr told IL.

Lapland’s midsummer is a little cooler and wetter. In the north, temperatures are generally expected to range between 10 and 15 degrees.

Föhr recommends preparing for sudden rains by keeping an eye on rain radar, such as that provided by .

Source: The Nordic Page

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