The Liberal Party’s “lighthouse” Uffe Ellemann-Jensen died 80 years ago

Tributes have poured in from the entire political spectrum after the confirmation yesterday morning that Uffe Ellemann-Jensen, one of ’s true heavyweight politicians at the end of the 20th century, has died at the age of 80.

Uffe, father of the current Liberal Party chairman , led the party for 14 years until 1998, but despite being from 1982 to 1993, he never reached the last step up to the prime ministerial post, as many expected.

Last year it was reported that an outbreak of coronavirus almost killed Uffe, but in the end the cancer was to blame – a disease he had been battling for several years.

On Thursday, another of his children, who has served as minister, Karen, left the political festival Folkemødet with the explanation that her father’s condition had worsened.

A lighthouse among politiciansc
and the double Liberal Prime Minister have led the tribute. The latter described Uffe as his greatest inspiration.

“Uffe was a lighthouse that many in my generation navigated to when we were young. He was the reason why I myself chose to become politically active with the Liberal Party, “said Ramussen.

“He always played it smart in a time when the Liberal Party was a very, very small party that did not have a grip on the cities at all. So I owe Uffe everything – and there are a lot of people in my generation who do. ”

Frederiksen praised his wit, warmth and great courage: “Now that the war is back on the European continent, his voice for a strong, secure and democratic Europe seems clearer than ever.”

“He lived a long and amazing life, where he both experienced and influenced more than most,” his son, Liberal leader Jakob, added via .

“I have been lucky to have a father like him. He was busy when I was a child, but he was always present when he was at home. “

Source: The Nordic Page

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