Forecasts promise warm weather for Midsummer

Rainy fronts run through the north of the country between Wednesday and Thursday. Temperatures are then forecast to rise closer to 20 ° C as the high-pressure system in south-eastern strengthens.

– Thursday’s rainy front is bigger, but there is no need to be afraid of getting wet in the south, Huutonen said.

Night temperatures are also expected to be quite high, close to 15 degrees in Midsummer in southern Finland.

The Finnish Meteorological Institute has published fires in and Southwest Finland. Huutonen pointed out that if rainfall is not forecast for the areas, warnings could become an obstacle to lighting fires.

on wrote that during Midsummer the weather is indeed expected to favor, although the uncertainty of the forecast has often been heard. “It looks like it,” he confirmed Hannu ValtaMeteorologist of the Finnish Meteorological Institute.

Power pointed out that the warm air arriving in Finland on Thursday is related to the recent in Central . If warm air spreads across the country, mercury could rise more than 25 degrees as high in the north as in .

Aleksi Teivainen –

Source: The Nordic Page

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