Paper: Finland blocks sale of properties near Lapland airport to a Russian buyer

The Finnish state has intervened to prevent the sale of the industrial property to a Russian buyer, citing national security reasons. report afternoon newspaper .

The newspaper added that the Ministry of Defense has confirmed the report.

A Russian citizen had inquired about the purchase of an empty property located very close to . However, the sale of real estate and land in the vicinity of airports can be seen as a potential strategic risk.

The Department of Defense told IS that the decision to prevent the trade was made in June, but nothing has been completed yet.

The law on the right to refuse to purchase real estate in entered into force on 1 January 2020.

According to the law, individuals who are not citizens of the (EU) or the (EEA), as well as companies or other entities domiciled outside the EU and the EEA, must obtain a permit from the Finnish authorities to purchase real estate in Finland.

According to Ilta-Sanomat, the case was only the second time that the Finnish state has exercised its right to refuse.

Source: The Nordic Page

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