BT must be 100 percent digital from 2023

BT, the Danish tabloid newspaper founded in 1916, will soon stop publishing in print.

From 2023, it will be a 100 percent digital free media, funded by ads.

“In the last four years, BT has grown explosively digitally to now be the largest news media in . As expected, newspaper circulation has fallen in the same period, and soon it will no longer be financially sustainable, ”says Pernille Holbøll, editor-in-chief of BT, according to a press release from Berlingske Media – BT’s parent company.

“That is why we are now focusing all our efforts on being the best where most Danes are: namely on mobile phones.”

Office closures and layoffs
BT also closes offices in , and and stops the production of city-specific editions of the newspaper. Instead, from mid-July until the New Year, only one national edition will be published.

Together with the office closures, BT has cut staff. This applies to ten positions at BT large-scale editorial offices that are closed down, as well as four newspaper editors and six commercial positions.

Source: The Nordic Page




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