Now it is certain: Midsummer will be hot

According to weather forecasts, a warm, sunny Midsummer weekend is almost certain in most of .

Daytime temperatures this Friday and Saturday have risen compared to earlier forecasts this week, and – with the exception of the northernmost parts of the country – midsummer is hot all over Finland.

The massive sweeping over Central Europe has moved south of Finland and will affect its weather from Friday. Even before the official start of the summer on Tuesday, temperatures from 40 to 43 degrees have been measured in and Germany.

"On Friday, the weather turns sharply to sunny, warm conditions," Ylen Joonas Koskela predicted on Wednesday.

According to Koskela, the forecast is as certain as the weather forecasts can be.

The first multi-day warm weather of the summer coincides with Midsummer and warms up every day throughout the week.

Koskela estimates that mercury will rise to its highest level on Sunday, possibly more than 30 degrees. In any case, the hot weather will continue throughout next week.

The also predicted hot weather after Midsummer. During the night the temperature drops to around 15 degrees.

Cool June so far after last year’s record heat

While last June was record hot, over 25 degrees Celsius long in many places, this June has so far been relatively cool.

The longest day for people over the age of 25 ever measured in Finland was a whole month in Kouvola, Southeast Finland, from 18 June to 18 July 2021. During that time, Kouvola also had more than 30 degrees in the pipe for six days.

The other four longest hot periods have all been since 2014, when Finland’s climate is warming.

The rains of the last few days will remain a distant memory in many places during Midsummer. Due to the risk of forest fires, the lighting of traditional Midsummer sizes is prohibited on the coast up to and inland in the direction of .

As of Wednesday, there was a forest fire warning in the south between and , including strong UV radiation.

When the summer solstice was on Tuesday, Finland and the other will celebrate Midsummer the following Friday and Saturday. In Finland, most of the festivities focus on Saturday nights.

Source: The Nordic Page

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